Projects Dashboard

Get a high level view of where you are in achieving all of your goals. Find out who is working on what, and what their current progress is. This dashboard functions as a big picture overview, but it's not just for administrators and project managers. Everybody can see how they fit into the grand scheme of things, provided they have permissions to do so.  


My Projects

See the status of all your executing Action Plans at a glance.   Whether they are ahead, on, or behind schedule, you will know it with easy-to-ready status indicators. 

The Outline View shows an indented list of goals and actions as they are being executed.   

The Flow View shows a beautiful flowchart that you can use to zoom-in and zoom out of the running process. 


Our Projects

Get a birds-eye view of all the action plans that are currently running for your organization and teams within the organization.  Administrators can see what projects are stuck and lend assistance if desired.   

The views are the same as the My Projects option, just at a higher level.  


Project Vault

Once a goal has been accomplished, it goes in the vault.   This is a permanent record of what happened during execution of  the Project.  All of the documents, survey responses and other collateral associated with the goal are stored in the vault.

The vault is a secure cloud-based facility based on the Amazon S3 platform.   In addition, if you have your own cloud provider and credentials, we are happy to work with you to use that location.  Examples include Dropbox,, and Microsoft OneDrive or Azure storage.