What is An Action Plan?

AnActionPlan is a dynamic cloud-based tool that can be used to manage, assign and track procurements and related tasks and documentation.  


Easy Set Up

  • Input your procurement project templates and then begin one or multiple procurements based on those templates
  • Your templates are created by you and your team, thus tailored to the way you do procurements
  • No need to build a new template with each procurement – templates are saved and reusable 
  • No parallel documentation upload required – AnActionPlan may be linked to SharePoint with reoccurring forms included in the master template
  • The system can be used through the entire procurement lifecycle
  • Easily scalable to increase user capacity
  • Lower cost than building a custom SharePoint option

Easy Status Checks

  • Easily track procurement progress and individual tasks on one screen (no meetings or email required)
  • Visibly track progress through multiple mechanisms – progress screen, Gantt chart, flow chart, customizable reports
  • Produce dynamic, reoccurring or unique reports in a variety of formats (.zip archive, PDF report, and archive) and save to SharePoint
  • Automatic creation of a procurement log for reporting and auditing

Automatic and Transparent Schedule Adjustments

  • Advanced Scheduling permits relative, variable and concurrent procurement tasks
  • Ability to pause a procurement and have schedule automatically adjust forward until the procurement is activated again
  • Computes earliest and latest possible dates of procurement based on due dates of the procurement tasks, and relative to other tasks

User Accountability 

  • System sends users an email when: a procurement task is assigned, task is almost due, a task is late, or a task due date has changed
  • System send managers an email when: a procurement task is running late or is complete

Consistent Procurements

  • Procurement templates ensure that everyone uses the same procurement methodologies
  • No re-attaching the same forms to each procurement – forms are built in to the master template and changes are automatically saved to SharePoint and other content management systems 

Government System Compatibility 

  • SharePoint compatible to attach and modify forms
  • Hosted in a secure Microsoft Government Cloud environment
  • Integrates with MS Outlook Calendar
  • Ability to upload large documents