007 - Irene Lyon

AnActionPlan with author Irene Lyon on how to rewire the nervous system plus her advice to help other authors get noticed, get published and get their books sold. In her practice, she uses a blend of science, alternative therapies, and intuition to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

For more than 10 years, she has studied the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, founder of The Feldenkrais Method. She is a Feldenkrais Practitioner, and has gone through a 4-year intensive Professional Feldenkrais Teacher Training.

As a Feldenkrais Method practitioner, she's taught public classes, built a private practice, and started a project dedicated to educating more people about the wonders of this work and how it is needed in the world.

Irene is also a Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, with certifications like Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training and Somatic Experiencing Post-Advanced Level Master Classes. She assists at the Master Class level.

Her background in exercise physiology and biomedical science goes back to university. She got my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia, Canada). Later, she received a Master of Science in Research School of Health and Biomedical Science, University of Wollongong (New South Wales, Australia).

To learn more about Iren or access her free training to destress visit http://irenelyon.com/about/

Listen to the full interview here:


PR: Site Launches First Action Plans on Love, Money, Peace

ST. PETE, FL (352 words) - Semantic search expert George Everitt of St. Pete Beach got tired of “hunting elephants,” a term he uses to describe finding large companies who could buy his rare, high-end software. He sold his intellectual property in 2013 and promised his next venture would be for the masses. When a desire to improve his 20-year marriage sent him to Google, his idea to create life apps at www.AnActionPlan.com was born. Six months later, the first three authors are published.

AnActionPlan.com Founder and CEO George Everitt announces the first three action plans posted are from Brian Patrick of Choice Within, Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs who wrote “Make Money with No Money,” and Karen Petersen, also known as SmashTank, of Heart, Body and Swole. In matters of love, money or peace, these are three step-by-step action plans that can change one’s life. 

Brian Patrick, of Tampa, Fla., posted his “21 Days to Fall In Love with Yourself” plan to help readers gain the self confidence and respect they deserve so they can succeed in all areas of life. The action plan is free.

SmashTank, who saved her own life using yoga breathing techniques before being rear-ended by a truck, qualifies by living example to teach peace through yoga for any angst in life. This Daytona Beach yoga instructor's flow teaches each step in description, images and video. Even the beginner can be accomplished in a 20-minute daily yoga routine in a month. Her plan is offered at $19.99.

Arriving in the U.S. from Italy and Hungary respectively, Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs sought after and now live the American dream in Clearwater, Fla. They share their success in the “Make Money with No Money” plan on how to turn trash into cash. Their plan has detailed instructions and what they discovered as best practices in the reselling market. On a recent interview posted at www.blab.im/AnActionPlan they shared their white envelope secret to marketing. Their plan sells for $19.99.

AnActionPlan is a startup based out of St. Pete to guide people through life’s big events. For an interview with the principals or one of the authors, please call 201-292-PLAN (7526) or email Authors@AnActionPlan.com.


AnActionPlan Founder & CEO George Everitt

AnActionPlan Founder & CEO George Everitt

Self-Love Author Brian Patrick of Tampa, Fla.

Self-Love Author Brian Patrick of Tampa, Fla.

Clearwater Real Estate Investors Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs from Italy and Hungary respectively, wrote the action plan “Make Money with No Money.”

Clearwater Real Estate Investors Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs from Italy and Hungary respectively, wrote the action plan “Make Money with No Money.”

Action Hero Karen Petersen of Daytona Beach, Fla. lost 100 pounds doing roller derby and yoga. She wrote “Yogi’s Path to Peace,” a 31-day action plan for a beginner’s yoga flow.    

Action Hero Karen Petersen of Daytona Beach, Fla. lost 100 pounds doing roller derby and yoga. She wrote “Yogi’s Path to Peace,” a 31-day action plan for a beginner’s yoga flow. 


001 - Boone Fowler - VendARTA

In this episode, Nancy interviews Boone Fowler from VendArta in Orlando, Florida.   Boone has a great action plan to help artists be successful with the business part of being creative for a living.

Welcome to An Action Podcast number 1 In this episode, Nancy interviews Boone Fowler from VendArta in Orlando, Florida. Boone has an action plan to help artists be successful with the business part of being creative for a living. If you have a great idea for an action plan, please contact us at authors@anactionplan.com or visit www.AnActionPlan.com for more information about becoming an action hero!


Announcer: Welcome to An Action Podcast Number One. In this episode Nancy interviews Boone Fowler from VendARTA in Orlando, Florida. Boone has a great action plan to help artists be successful with the business part of being creative for a living. If you have a great idea for an action plan please contact us at authors@anactionplan.com or visit www.anactionplan.com for more information about becoming an action hero. Here we go.
Nancy Lucas:    Hi! Good afternoon from sunny Tampa, Florida and Orlando. I have with us today Boone Fowler. Boone is a social architect and a creative genius. Which is why I asked him to come on with us today. He is also writing an action plan. You'll find that and ... We're not setting a time because you know how us creative people are. We're doing a bit of a hack today so I actually have Boone appearing from Orlando on Skype in my living room. 
Now when we normally do ... This is what we call For Authors by Authors and we'll normally be doing this on Wednesdays, 11:11 AM, from St. Pete. A little café called Meze 119. Their food is fabulous. So we're going to start with a little food porn normally; today it's not going to happen. If you could smell you would smell the curry lintels I'm making for my family for dinner tonight. Boone what are you cooking for dinner? Ordering in?
Boone Fowler:    No. My significant other has told me that I need to lose a few more pounds so we're on the military diet and I think I'm having tuna fish and an apple.
Nancy Lucas:    Oh. Okay, military diet, military haircut, and that's because you we're in the ...
Boone Fowler:    US Army, working with the special operations group and military intelligence.
Nancy Lucas:    You know which I think that structure is what helps your creative side. I never thought about myself having military background. It just keeps you a little bit more organized but you can still keep all of that going. I brought you on to talk to our authors and our artists because there's one line, you know I love how you say it. Would you say that for our Periscope audience?
Boone Fowler:    I sure will. I work fervently because I believe artists are needed in this world and should not be needy. If people understood that everything we know as science today started off as science fiction; and that the best way to learn mathematics is by art; and the best way to learn chemistry is by mixing paints; and the best way to learn the English language or any language is through theater; we wouldn't be so fast to dismiss a lot of things. I am an advocate for the arts and a social architect that believes that by changing the world of art I can change the world.
Nancy Lucas:    Well, we're changing it right here today. Tell me and everyone else what is it that you do and what inspired you to do this?
Boone Fowler:    I do a couple of things, first and foremost I am what's called an Ideation Specialist. Which is a guy that ... is so far out of the box I don't even own a box. I help companies come up with new ideas to create new products and service. That's my creative paycheck. The paycheck for my heart is what I do in my ... What I call my true vocation. That is as a Social Architect and Entrepreneur. I have built a global arts ecosystem and am working diligently to make it simple for any creative to show and share and sell what they do and making a living doing what they're supposed to do.
Nancy Lucas:    I know, so I hear you dog. What kind of dog is it?
Boone Fowler:    Big, yellow, mutt dog.
Nancy Lucas:    Those are the best. So anyone watching on Periscope you can actually ask Boone Fowler, and if you want to find his website it's just boonefowler.com, correct?
Boone Fowler:    Also you should probably check out VendARTA, V-E-N-D-A-R-T-A.com. That's for the business. Boonefowler.com will tell you a lot about me, but not so very much about ... What I'm doing. It's really a lot of self propaganda.
Nancy Lucas:    Hey well, you know. I warned people at 11:11, you're not going to meet the most humble man on the planet, but you will have a good time. We'll have a good time talking to him.
Boone Fowler:    I am humble, I have respect for people in the arts who are creative. I have great respect for anyone who will get up and get it done everyday. But I do not suffer false humility. I do not suffer fools lightly. I don't think anyone is entitled to anything except the air that is on this planet. After that you've got to earn everything else.
Nancy Lucas:    I love ... When we did our preview conversation about you writing your action plan it was so clear to see your passion and so clear to see your structure that you've provided for artists and how to set up their business ... I don't want to steal your thunder and what your action plan is, and I have a question before we get there. The first question is: You know you're really good at PR, marketing your creativity, so if you could tell two things to any artist or author that would help them get published, get noticed, get their books sold, or in your sense, get their art sold. What would those two things be?
Boone Fowler:    First and foremost, create everyday. It doesn't matter if it's something little or something big. If you're a writer, write. If you're a painter, paint. If your an orator ... a performer, perform. It doesn't matter if you do it for five minutes or five hours but you have to do it every single day, to stay awake, to stay alert, to bring your senses to full level.
    The second would be, don't be afraid. No one is going to help you succeed better than you are. If your working every day and following the steps through the action plan that we're going to be providing. You can't help but stumble onto some sort of monetary and physical and emotional success. 
Nancy Lucas:    Mm-hmm (affirmative). So you're saying create everyday and don't be afraid.
Boone Fowler:    Correct.
Nancy Lucas:    I was at a three day conference with Lisa Sasevich and she does many brilliant things in marketing. She basically said the best investment she ever made was in herself.
Boone Fowler:    Yes.
Nancy Lucas:    She said, "I've invested offshore, onshore, real estate, you name it and the best investment I've ever made was in myself." She coaches speakers on how to speak to self, how to make money at their craft.
We know a little bit about your background and your heart for this work. Your advice is to create and not be afraid. The last question I have, before we wrap up this session is, what is the name of your action plan? ... Well, okay, three questions. What is the name of your action plan? What is one step that is going to be in that action plan? How can people find more information from you?
Boone Fowler:    Very quickly the name of the action plan is A Step by Step Guide for Emerging Artists. The thing that you could find in there that is kind of a preview is, you are responsible for building a good level of a body of work. That accurately reflects your current abilities, and ...
Nancy Lucas:    Wait let me stop there, because when you and I went through your plan it was really cool that ... I've worked with artist friends. I've helped them do their shows on the weekend, and make their cold calls, and make their preview presentation of their art to potential galleries that would host them. Now the particular artist I worked with had tons of material so you're saying that they have a good body of work. If it's somebody in fine arts or if it's somebody who's a song writer, what would you define as a good body of work?
Boone Fowler:    One, it's not overall portfolio. Two, it is the collection of current, relevant pieces or a full on collection of what you're current working in. For instance, if you are a writer, I want to see twenty to thirty short stories from you. If you are a song writer, or a singer, I want to hear twenty to thirty performances, songs. They're not long, the average song is 3:12. If you're a painter I need to see a body of work that is thirty pieces, minimum, that are the same style, focused on the same genre. 
People don't realize, Van Gogh painted a bajillion pieces with sunflowers, not just one. You've got to figure, he painted sunflowers until he nailed it. You need to be so focused on that one lane that you are in, that you become the authority on that spot.
If you want to paint like a master or a pro find someone that can do that, right now. Study under that person, get that down, and build your own body of work, related to it. Not just copying that style, but taking that style and making it you own. Whether you're singing, writing, dancing, I need to see a good body of current pieces. Not all scattered over one thing, but focused in one direction.
Nancy Lucas:    Aha, so now could you give us your shameless plug? If we had this body of work what could you help the artist, or the author do with it?
Boone Fowler:    Basically the action plan walks you very simply through the step by step process that you need to have a successful, creative or arts business. From your body of work, to building your sales catalog, to the right way to sell. It's not as difficult as you think, but it's probably not what you think. The right way to market, which very few people do correctly. The correct way to set your business up ... I basically take artists and creatives through a creative business boot-camp. By the time you're done you will be able to successfully run and operate your own small business. Because in the end that's what you are. If you actually, as an artist and creative, start to treat yourself as a business person you'll earn the respect of the people in the business community. Most people in the business world do not understand that creatives are manufacturers, producers, designers, illustrators, all in one. It's a hell of a job.
Nancy Lucas:    Yeah.
Boone Fowler:    There's a lot of work.
Nancy Lucas:    It is, that's what i watched my friend go through. It is an intense, and it's a labor of love. Boone, where can people find you and follow you, get more information.
Boone Fowler:    Well I do, a couple times a week, I put some stuff out on Twitter @BooneFowler. Also I am on Periscope, which I'll be putting a copy of this up on at BooneFowler. You can also find me online in the business side of what I do at VendARTA, that's V-E-N-D-A-R-T-A.COM. Vend as in sell, Arta as in Art. That's the purpose and mission of my company and my country ... and my country, wow. I'm building my own country by the way.
Nancy Lucas:    We have the whole military thing going on today with the new haircut and the diet your own tonight.
Boone Fowler:    I'm not trying to take over the world, I'm just trying to make it better.
Nancy Lucas:    It's all good. We will post your links and social media links with this Periscope, and on our blog, and on our site too.
Boone Fowler:    I do need to give a quick shout out for the guys that my hair over at Just Incredible Cuts in Downtown Orlando. Great group of guys over there and I will tell you it is a man's, manly man, barbershop. There's ... The best hot shave in Orlando, I don't care who ... it's awesome. I told them I'd give them a plug so I'm doing that. I also want to thank the folks over at An Action Plan. George and Nancy you guys have been wonderful, thank you. Also if there's anything I can do to help anyone listening or watching this, do not be afraid to reach out to me through either Twitter or Periscope or through the VendARTA website.
Nancy Lucas:    Perfect. Boone I want to make sure they understand it's B-O-O-N-E Fowler, Boone Fowler is how you spell it. I want to thank you-
Boone Fowler:    F as in Fabulous, O-W-L-E-R.
Nancy Lucas:    I knew we'd have some kind of laugh with you today. Well Boone, thank you for your time. Your treasure, sharing your wisdom with us, and your connections. I wish you well until the next time we talk.
Boone Fowler:    My pleasure. Thank you very much for having me on and letting me work with you guys. I hope I'm the worst person you deal with for the rest of this year.
Nancy Lucas:    Oh no, you're a delight. Bye.
Boone Fowler:    Bye.