Our team has a diverse set of skills working toward one goal – making business processes better.  

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

George Everitt, Captain

George is an expert in semantic search engines, natural language processing, enterprise search and big data. Since 1993 he has led high-availability enterprise software implementations at many Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations in the U.S. and internationally.

His list of enterprise customers includes Coca Cola, the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, Mercedes Benz, JP Morgan Chase, Naval Surface Warfare Center and many others. After selling the main IP for his consulting firm Applied Relevance, George founded a new company, Epinomy in 2013. Epinomy is an enterprise software company and semantic search engine platform that is targeted at the healthcare, life sciences and financial services markets.

In 2015, George started AnActionPlan.com, which is where you are right now. 

sara mazer

sara mazer

Sara Mazer, Director of Technical Solutions

Sara's specialty is in solutions consulting for large enterprises. She has decades of experience as a computer engineer and is versatile in both hardware and software systems working for large and small companies such as Intel, Synopsys, Ecrion, Visual Mining, MarkLogic, and Adobe Systems.

Sara has ACEA (Associate Certified Enterprise Architect) certification from the FEAC Institute with focus on civilian government agencies.  She has a patent as the co-inventor of solid state hard drive algorithms. She enjoys public speaking and has trained over 1000 customers and presented at various conferences on Analytics, Big Data and Semantics. She is trained in ValueSelling, Solution Selling, Customer Centric Selling, and Karrass Negotiating and has a BSCE from the University of Michigan. Sara has started two sole proprietorship companies and currently works for Adobe Systems.

yordan grancharov

yordan grancharov

Yordan Grancharov, Chief Engineer

Yordan has worked as a lead enterprise Java developer in various international projects, specializing in Big Data and enterprise search solutions. Currently exploring web applications development using modern technologies such as Meteor, Node.js and different NoSql databases. He says he's just your average programmer/drummer guy trying to find a comfortable balance point between the worlds of art and technology.


Ethan Escreño Rosano

Ethan Escreño Rosano

Ethan Escareño Rosano, Chief Meteorologist

He's our back end hero responsible for the functionality and integration with Facebook and other apps. In general, he takes care of the overall framework of the app and makes sure it's mobile. Ethan is an expert in Meteor. He loves programming and would do it 24/7 if he could.

Born in a family of 4, Ethaan developed a love for computers at the age of 12 by playing a MMORPG.  Since then he says he still can’t get away from them. His very first interaction with programming was at age of 12 with .lua scripts and sql databases, with some friends which only target was to create an Open Tibia Server (OT). In addition to his brilliance, his lovely little dogs join us for all staff meetings.

Javier ocañas casas

Javier ocañas casas

Javier Ocañas Casas, Chief User Experience Officer

On the front end, Javier has an eye for design and is responsible for look and feel of the site. All his demo images are of soccer -- guess what he loves! Like our whole dev team, he is also an expert in Meteor and is a Javascript full stack developer. 

When he's not developing he thinks about development. To him, design is not how it looks like and feels; It's how it works. He is passionate about development ideas, the process about taking one idea and making it real. 


Katya de la Rosa, Chief Security Officer

Katya is responsible for keeping your stuff private.  She handles user management, profiles, role-based security, authorization and authentication.   

Katya got into programming in High School and concentrates on Meteor.  When she started programming, she never imagine it would become her lifestyle.   She prefers back end programming work, especially working with NoSQL databases.  

The most important thing to know about Katya, by her own admission, is that she loves glazed donuts.