Multiple Organizations

Members can belong to multiple organizations while at the same time having complete control over what content, if any, is permitted to be shared.   

Organization administrators have complete control over who can and cannot belong to their organization. 


Further compartmentalize organizations into teams.  Members can belong to any team that they are invited to or an administrator of.   This allows access control down to the item level.  It is easy to use and powerful. 


Role Based Security

Beyond organizations and teams, individuals can be granted specific privileges based on what role they play in the organization or team. The same user can have different roles for different organizations.  The organization administrator, for example, can be a read-only user in the context of another organization. 

Private, Shared and Public Content

Make Action Plans available to the public, or just share them with particular organizations or keep them completely private.   

Content, including nested Action Plans, forms and attachments are stored securely in a customer's private data store.