AnActionPlan is a super to-do list.  Tasks can be assigned to individual users who have everything they need to complete them.  All instructions, forms and documents associated with the task are right there.   There is no need to struggle with file folders or locked files.  



Fair warning. There's a bunch of stuff looming, so you really better concentrate on today. This list lets you reassign and reschedule tasks. You can even mark them done if you get the sudden urge to clean your plate of tasks.  

There's nothing quite as satisfying as getting all your work done early. 


Here is the list of your triumphs and catastrophes. It is a permanent record of all the stuff that you've completed.  This is the vault where you can revisit the olden days and reminisce about that particularly troublesome client or, more likely, respond to an inquiry from legal, customer retention or the CEO.   

The Done queue sticks around for a while, but eventually everything drops off into the archive, where you can use a sophisticated search engine to find them again.