Mergers & Aquisitions


It all started when...

AnActionPlan is a platform for productizing business processes.

Meet Jim.  

Jim is an expert in mergers and acquisitions. 

He worked for many years doing M&A for a huge conglomerate. 

We can’t tell you the name of the conglomerate, but the initials are “G.E.”.

Jim hung out his shingle and now works with companies that are buying other companies.

Jim is always answering two questions from his prospects:  “What will I get?” and “How long will it take?”

Jo owns a small chain of coffee shops, and came to Jim to help her acquire another local café.  

Jo is brilliant at running coffee shops, but acquisitions are not her cup of tea.

Jim showed Jo his “Action Plan for Acquiring a Small Business”, and she was blown away.   

He was able to tell her all of the steps required, how long they would take, and how much it would cost.   

Jim loves AnActionPlan because it makes it easy to scale his professional talents.

Jo loves AnActionPlan because it kept her in the loop through the whole process.

If you sell your time as a consultant, coach or other professional, visit to find out how our platform can help you book more business and keep your clients happy.