Action Plans for Health Care

AnActionPlan lets health care providers concentrate more on healing than on paperwork.  


Accreditation and Certification

From The Joint Commission to ISO, certification and accreditation programs are all about faithful execution of standard operating procedures.  

AnActionPlan makes it easy for everybody to know what they're supposed to do and follow the right procedures. 


Easy to Use

Anybody can use AnActionPlan!  It is designed for busy people who have more important things to do than labor over endless paperwork.   

Documentation is important - and AnActionPlan makes it easy to capture the metrics needed to continuously improve administrative processes.  


Best Practices

Organizations run better when everyone is on the same page.  AnActionPlan provides a repository of well-defined action plans that standardize your strategic, tactical and operational business processes. 

AnActionPlan excels at multi-week projects.  It will track dozens of projects and give administrators a birds-eye view of tasks that are behind schedule, on time or in jeopardy.