Airline pilots, astronauts, and surgery departments use checklists to get their jobs done.  The more important the process, the more crucial it is to have well-defined steps to follow when something goes wrong.  Whether it is relighting the engines of a jetliner after a bird strike or evaluating candidates for a key position, step-by-step guidelines and questionnaires can ensure that the dumb things don't get overlooked, and the key things get the attention they deserve.


Forms also help you document the decisions made during the course of executing your action plan.   The resulting forms are stored along with other attachments in the vault, forming a permanent, searchable record of what happened.  From e-discovery to RFP challenges, having these records can make the difference between winning and losing in any kind of legal proceeding.     


Rich Question Types

Get feedback from colleagues, vendors and customers in several different ways:

  • Short text answer
  • Long text answer
  • Multiple choice
  • Number
  • Date
  • Person
  • File upload



Secure Sharing

Assign forms to people inside and outside your organization. Have vendors fill out an RFP form. Have an intern fill out new customer form. Create training questionnaires, checklists and customer surveys.   


Advanced Scoring

Assign values and weights to questions to compute a confidential score.  Make decisions based on facts, ensure fairness and defend against award challenges and litigation.