AnActionPlan Features

With AnActionPlan you get simple, repeatable business processes with all of the digital assets required to complete your project.  When users have access to everything they need, they can get things done faster without hunting all over the place for documents, spreadsheets and other tools needed to achieve a goal. 


My Tasks

Easy-to-use scheduler integrates with popular online calendars like Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCalendar.  Or, just use our simple task list to manage your work queue.


Projects Dashboard

Get a birds-eye view of all of your business processes, who is doing what and where you need to concentrate more resources.   



Action Plan Library

Action Plans are pre-defined templates that have everything needed to manage business processes from start to end. All of the necessary documents, deadlines, forms and instructions are baked-in.  You can choose from a library of existing action plans and modify them to suit your business, or create your own from scratch using our powerful action plan maker.  


Action Plan Maker

Every business is different. We strive to have a comprehensive library of action plans, but your business most likely has some unique process requirements that just aren't covered by the library. The Action Plan Maker allows you to create your own business process models using a simple interface. Create steps, attach templates and forms, build process schedules and dependencies and publish your action plans to the library.   



Use our built-in forms feature to track custom information specific to your processes. Each project can have custom metrics, like key performance indicators, prices, assignments and status flags that change throughout the project.  Forms provide a flexible mechanism to expand your projects with custom fields.  

For example, a vendor evaluation form will allow you to create a Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) and share it with potential vendors.  They can fill out their own personalized questionnaire, and the results are fed back and scored for the action plan owner.   



Understand how your projects are going at a high level.  Capture built-in process metrics, including percentage complete, project status, on-time performance, resource allocation and more.