Action Plan Maker

Action Plans contain all the information needed to perform a business task.  The Action Plan Maker is an easy-to-use tool for project managers and anybody else who wants to improve common business processes.  Action Plans contain all of the assets and instructions required to ensure consistent and well-documented business projects. 


Create an Action Plan

An Action Plan is a self-contained module that contains all of the steps, forms, files and instructions required to execute a business process.  Action Plans can be nested, allowing you to model and track all processes in your enterprise from one main dashboard.  


Add Steps

Action plans are step-by-step processes that are easy to build.  Steps can be scheduled to happen at a date relative to another date or as a user specified date.  

Attached to steps are all of the templates, spreadsheets, forms and other files necessary to complete the step.   For example, the "Create a business model" step of the "Lean Startup" action plan has detailed instructions and an attached Word template that you can fill in and attach back to the executing business process. 


Attach Template Assets

All the information and every document you need to complete the task is attached to the step.  PDF Forms, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint templates all make it easy for the assignee to complete the step quickly and consistently.

After the step is complete, attach the completed documents for a permanent record of what happened.