Pre-defined Business Process Blueprints

Select from hundreds of expertly-crafted Action Plans. Incorporate best practices from industry experts' real-world experience.   

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. The nuts-and-bolts of running a business have already been thought out, written about and studied by MBAs, business process engineers and other experts for decades. Combine that with the latest trends in agile methodologies and you have a powerful guide to getting things done in an effective and modern way. 

10,000 Hours in an Instant

According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers, you need 10,000 hours of concentrated effort to become an expert at something. Chances are, you have one or two things that you are that good at. You can hire people who are also working toward their specific 10k hours. Action Plans are designed to distill the knowledge of these experts.

If you hire an expert to implement your Action Plan, even the most experienced practitioners use checklists to make sure they don't miss anything crucial. The more important the goal, the more important the checklist.    


Stop Winging It

The most effective enterprises are able to make changes quickly and adapt to changing market conditions. Being agile implies flexibility and adaptability. That's great. Don't stop. But sometimes, you just need to do something that's been done thousands of times before. You don't need to reinvent every process. Turn to the Action Plan Library and get a kick-start on the stuff that is boring and mundane.  

Results Oriented

When it comes to business processes, the journey is NOT the reward. The reward is in making the journey as short and efficient as possible. The journey is expensive. The journey takes away from the reward, which is the bottom line.

Enterprise Action Plans are not about Zen and the Art of Doing Business. They are not about some ivory tower concept of how business should work. They are about getting you from point A to point B quickly, cheaply and effectively.