Get a Tesla Model S

Vroom, vroom, vroom! not the sound that an electric car makes.  Electric motors are silent.  The motor in Tesla Model S is no exception.  There will be a time in the not-too-distant future when internal combustion engines will go the way of the Blackberry phone and incandescent lighting.  The Tesla Model S is the first practical step in that inevitable evolution.

In one of our first action plans, we will guide you through how to research, finance, acquire and maintain a Tesla Model S premium electric sedan.  

Who is a Model S for?

Model S Dashboard

Model S Dashboard

Owning an electric car may sound scary.   "Range anxiety" is a very big and very real problem when your range is less than 80 miles before you need a charge.  Most electric cars have either a limited range or a "range extender" gasoline engine.   The Tesla Model S has longer than a two hundred mile limited range and much better fast-charging options than any other electric car.  These combined can handle all but the most torturous daily commutes. 

Many people (me included) would never dream of buying a $100,000 BMW 7 series or Mercedes S class, but we'd happily plunk down that kind of cash for a Tesla Model S. 

The problem with electric cars up until Tesla Motors' is that they sucked.  They were weird looking with very limited range and built for granola-munching hippies who didn't like to drive. You like to drive.  You like the feeling of acceleration. You like high-tech novelty.  The Model S was built for people like you.

Bigger Picture

By buying a Model S at a premium, you are subsidizing a vision of an electric future in which the noisy, obnoxious and wasteful artifacts of high performance are relegated to novelty meetups where they serve burnt coffee and play Mötley Crüe on vinyl.  The 20% efficiency of an internal combustion engine is replaced with the glissando of 1000 amps stealthily and effortlessly blowing away the AMG SLS that had the temerity to doubt the superior acceleration of a 4700 lb 5-passenger electric sedan.  Boom! 

The Tesla Model S is the best car on the road, full stop. With the new "ludicrous speed" mode, it will be the fastest supercar produced in any significant quantity.  And since it is a safe car, even twenty-something App Store millionaires can safely race their buddies in their Ferraris on the turnpikes of Orlando.  

Model S Meetup at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, Florida

Model S Meetup at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, Florida

Frankly, all this stuff about "saving the planet" is fine.  I'm on board with that.  But acceleration of a Model S is practically guilt free - especially if you charge on home solar panels. It feels good to floor it and know there isn't a gallon of unburnt hydrocarbons dumping out of the tailpipe. Because - no tailpipe!

The Tesla Model S is the car that says to the world "electric cars are not only viable, but they are better in almost every way than internal combustion engine powered cars."  They are practical. I've taken mine across country and back with zero fuel cost. I wake with a full charge and more than 200 miles of range every day. I only step foot in a gas station to get beef jerky and Perrier. 

Over the 10 years I plan to own my Model S, I may just break even in the Total Cost of Ownership I got out of my '97 Z3.  And I will have saved thousand of tons of CO2 from going into the atmosphere as a small bonus. 

Get Yours

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