A Pocket Full of Metaphors

Can you help us come up with compelling metaphors?

When one is testing the waters of getting outside funding, it is important to have a so-called "pitch deck". Pitch decks need to get to the point quickly and get potential investors excited about the opportunity.   One way to do this is to use the cognitive shortcut of metaphor.   

Brains are very resourceful.  A metaphor is simply a template that our pattern-matching minds use to fill-in the blanks about something that it has never seen before.  The metaphor of the moment is "the Uber of ....".  I once joked on Twitter that AnActionPlan wanted to be the Uber of comparing things to Uber.   

As witty as that is, we really do need a couple of metaphors to get the ball rolling for AnActionPlan.  

Here are the main components of AnActionPlan and a first attempt to characterize their metaphorical companions:

Storyboard - This is similar to Final Cut Pro (or other Nonlinear editors) timeline.  It is a place to visualize the events of a lifetime on a single page.   The storyboard also acts like a virtual scrapbook that you fill in with life events - either as you do them or in retrospect.  You share your storyboard with trusted friends on social media or printed media.

Store - This is almost exactly like any other app store (iTunes, Google Play, etc).  It is a place for you to get action plans for your own personal storyboard.  It also kind of looks like Pintrest, with the cards.

Command Center - This is where action heroes (plan authors) create action plans for sale or distribution on the Action Plan Store.  It is kind of like setting up a page in Facebook or on Blogger, or putting a product on Amazon or e-Bay.   You create the action plan here, and upload all of the assets like video and photos.

Another common way to do it is to mash up a couple of metaphors and apply them to a new domain.   For example, it's "Facebook for federal prisoners" or "Nest for swimming pool equipment".  

AnAction plan is the [company] for personal storyboards

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