Benefits of Action Plans

Action Plans are standard operating procedures that work for you. They are like the code that runs your organization. Many volumes have been written about the importance of standard operating procedures by business gurus.  Here are some of the most important benefits of SOPs in general, and Action Plans in particular:

AnActionPlan Active SOPs.002.jpeg

Standardized Processes

The cornerstone of a resilient organization is well-defined procedures. Every function in the organization should be written down in standard operating procedures.  

Creating an Action Plan for your business processes supercharges your SOPs to be an engine of excellence in your organization.


Delegation of Tasks

Plain old SOPs help with delegation by giving new and inexperienced people access to the instructions on how to complete the task. 

AnActionPlan takes it to the next level by allowing you to assign tasks, send notifications and track progress directly in the app.   


Consistent Customer Experience

One bad apple spoils the bushel.  Consistent processes ensure that customers get consistent service.  SOPs ensure that all customer-facing people know exactly is expected with each customer interaction. 

AnActionPlan goes a step further by tracking the customer interaction and ensuring that it is done according to your organization's guidelines.

Business Continuity

How often to your most seasoned professionals leave the organization and take their institutional knowledge with them? Replacing experienced people is time consuming and expensive.

Action Plans are designed to capture that knowledge and allow it to pass on to the new generation.


Reduced Learning Curve

Nothing beats personalized training by an experienced mentor, but that luxury is not always available.  Reduce the amount of time it takes for a new professional to take over a task, or expand the workforce is an effective time saver.  

AnActionPlan contains all of the information required to execute a task, including instructions, document templates and forms.  


Quality Control

Consistent processes ensure quality product.  As processes evolve and innovate, SOPs evolve as well.   

Even the processes that address quality problems can benefit by being Action Plans.  Action Plans to write Action Plans are easy to build and customize for any kind of business.